Combating the Opioid Epidemic in New Hampshire

Representative Chris Pappas of New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District

Democrat Chris Pappas, right, answers a question during a 1st Congressional District candidates debate with Republican Eddie Edwards in Manchester, N.H., Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Note from the Publisher:
Election time is coming up and living in an important primary state such as New Hampshire I wanted to share what Mr. Pappas considered one of our very important issues facing our state, addiction. Here is what is recognized and what efforts they are taking toward opioid addiction.

From the office of Chris Pappas

For all too many New Hampshire families, the opioid crisis is deeply personal. Far more action must be taken at all levels to save lives and curb this epidemic.      

As a member of New Hampshire’s Executive Council, I provided the pivotal vote to implement the state’s Medicaid expansion program, which remains one of our best tools to combat this epidemic. In doing so, we were able to expand coverage to more than 53,000 Granite Staters. 

As a member of the Bipartisan Heroin and Opioid Task Force, I have encouraged my colleagues to put politics aside and invest in evidence-based solutions, as a crisis of this magnitude requires a sustained, long-term strategy. I have worked alongside my colleagues in the New Hampshire delegation to secure crucial federal funding to combat this epidemic. We must continue to build a multi-pronged approach that includes robust funding for prevention, enforcement, treatment, and recovery efforts. We must also block the flow of illicit opioids into our state by ensuring our law enforcement has the resources and support they need to stop trafficking, take drugs off the streets, and keep our communities safe. It takes all levels of government and all different industries to work on holistic solutions to give families and communities the support they need to curb the current epidemic and prevent a future one.

For more information concerning work and views related to opioids and related issues, please contact their office.

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