HereNOW Help is devoted to changing the way people seek support for mental health, addiction and adverse life situations. We bring the traditional client visit into the technical age by providing on-demand, 24/7/365 access to our providers at the touch of a button. Our unique approach addresses barriers to getting help such as financial, geographic, and social stigma.


• An agile and flexible technology platform using a phone-based app to connect clients to peers that have shared life experiences

• Support given by talk, text, video chat or face-to-face meetings

• Help for clients not ready for traditional therapy or treatment programs

• Support for people receiving traditional, hourly therapy. Our peer counselors are the other 23 hours.

• View HereNOW Peer profiles; client ratings of the quality of service received from their peer counselors.

• App and web-based links to resources for additional assistance.

• Subscription or pay-as-you-go