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HereNOW Help

Help When and Where You Need It

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Proven tools for the treatment and recovery of Substance Use Disorder (SUD).


The tools rehab centers need to support clients, alumni and families on their path to recovery.


Helping communities (City, County, State, etc) support the mental health (inc. SUDs) of its residents.


The tools hospitals need to reduce readmission rates, reduce costs and improve outcomes.

What Makes HereNOW Help Different?

Offer and receive tiered support including peer counseling, licensed professionals and medical/mental health specialists.

Face-to-Face or Virtual

Get help over the phone, via chat, video conference or face to face!

24/7/365 Support

Any time. Any place. No waiting days or weeks for help.

Real-Time Location

Find nearby coaches who are available to meet you where you are right now.

Provider Bio

Clients pick their provider based on bio and background info.

User Data

Explore and export user data for analysis, Salesforce and EMR integration.

Manage Appointments

Providers have great tools to manage their schedule.

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