Veterans Reintegration

24/7/365 mental health support. Tools to encourage engagement and evaluate progress.

Peer Coach Network

Train Veterans to be peer coaches to their fellow Veterans. Create job opportunities.

Crisis Response

Link to Crisis Management resources.
Alert system to identify high risk individuals.



Daily meditations and journaling

Rewards for completing daily tasks

Customized surveys to assess transition from military to civilian life

Red flag alerts to Family & Friends for high-risk areas and behavior

Find Providers

View profiles & proximity

Meet virtually – text, talk or video

24/7/365 access to peer coaches and/or licensed mental health professionals

Hot links to national crisis management resources


Vet Support Tools

Manage your calendar

Meet virtually (Text, talk or video)

Create and send surveys

Get alerts for high-risk clients

Get data for reimbursement

Peer Certification

PeerNOW Academy for Veterans

On-line or in-person group training to become a certified PeerNOW Coach

Get paid to help fellow veterans

Set your own hours

Aligns with state certification programs


Community Chat

Stay connected with loved ones in recovery

Connect via text, talk or video

Community Message Board

Daily Meditations

Support Resources Library

Track Progress

Get progress updates

Alerts for high risk areas

Alerts for low engagement

Alerts based on surveys

Connect with their providers


User Data

Analyze and export all user data for reporting, reimbursement and integrations with other platforms (i.e. SalesForce, ERM's, etc.).


Measure user satisfaction, mental health status and recovery progress via customized surveys that can be scheduled, automated and sent on-demand in-app.


Tools for healthcare providers to manage appointments; Recovery centers to manage clients calendars and group meetings; and Coordinators to manage community events.


Fully integrate with your EMR or data platform so all of your data is connected.

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