Our Philosophy

Peer counseling is a scientifically-proven approach to mental health support for those in need. Other models such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), have decades of proven success. These models demonstrate that individuals who have experienced adverse life events can help those who are struggling with similar issues. They do this by lending an empathetic ear, sharing their life experiences, and creating a space where hope and strength can grow.

Our Program

  • Developed by a team of mental health and education specialists
  • Online, interactive, self-paced 8-hour program
  • Turning life experiences into sound peer coaching practices
  • Aligns with state certification requirements
  • Customizable for each organization
  • Create well-paying jobs for peer coaches

(Titles Include: Peer Coach, Peer Counselor, Peer Support Specialists)

PeerNOW Academy + HereNOW Suite of Apps

Use our full suite of apps to better engage and serve your clients.

Virtual Meeting

Provide support over the phone, via chat, video conference or face to face!

24/7/365 Support

Any time. Any place. No waiting days or weeks for help.

Real-Time Location

Clients can find nearby coaches who are available and request an immediate meeting.

Provider Bio

Clients pick their provider based on bio and background info.

Friendly Interface

Our interface is easy to navigate and keeps the human element front and center.

Manage Appointments

Our Peer Coaches have great tools to manage their schedule and more.

U.S. Growth - Mental Health Counseling

  • Need for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Support is Skyrocketing
  • Demand far exceeds existing pool of peer counselors and licensed professionals
  • Peer support benefits both parties – the provider and the client both grow and learn as a result of the peer coaching relationship







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