The Courtroom in Your Head: Psychiatry Evaluates the Sovereign Citizen Movement

“Sovereign citizen” is a catchall phrase referring to a variety of anti-government individuals and
groups who share some common beliefs and behaviors. The organizations to which many sovereign
citizens belong have a variety of names: Moorish Nation, The Aware Group, Washitaw Nation, the North
Carolina American Republic, Republic of United States of America, etc. The same views may be
embraced by Freeman, Freemen on the Land, Sons of Liberty, and Aryan Nation. Many sovereign citizens
may not affiliate with any of those groups. In one way or another, though, all sovereign citizens,
whether tied to an organization or not, adhere to a view that the existing American governmental
structure, including the courts and law enforcement, is illegitimate and that they, the sovereign citizens,
retain an individual common law identity exempting them from the authority of those fraudulent
government institutions.

Here is a video conference of a more throughout explanation, pleased enjoy.

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