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John C Riley

When Covid-19 displaced workers out of their offices most businesses/companies turned to remote work and Zoom. When college/universities were impacted they also moved over to Zoom. Having first hand experience doing the Zoom education it was interesting to say the least but it was familiar to me because a lot of time I spent with friends in video calls over Discord. Now let’s take that situation and jump ahead 10 years into the future. You work for a company, you are remote, and you now have meetings in virtual reality. Is this reality so far-fetched that it is unthinkable? I do not think so. Currently there is software that allows designers like myself the ability to create virtual reality environments and then share them publicly or privately. Our virtual headquarters is hosted by the game VRChat that is a free publicly available software that even people with regular computers can visit. Construction began 2 weeks ago and we are ahead of schedule which is great news and I wanted to share some images of the current work I am doing here at HereNOW Help.



Not only is our office going to feature our hard work, we can also strategize at an open concept board room table that includes markers and a whiteboard.


Our work may look like casual virtual reality and a liminal space but as the week moves forward rooms will be filled and hopefully we can introduce this to our users. I also designed it for the consumer friendly VR headset by Facebook that is mobile and is easy to set up, I did it in 10 mins. Did I mention we also have a pool table? I wanted to make a fun, comfortable work environment and this is what we are doing.

I have also been working on creating a virtual workspace for HereNOW Help that also has a purpose other than just hanging out. I created immersion therapy rooms to help people test their limits with what scares them. I created this for normal everyday people who are not familiar with VR so they can see the benefits of therapy beyond sitting in a room and talking. I believe in this wholeheartedly and believe this could be the way. to better health exactly like what we do here at HereNow Help. I will feature these rooms soon, stay tuned.

I look at the big picture of what could be telehealth and great workplaces that are remote but remain 1 on 1 social. For more information please email or leave a comment below.

Merry Christmas



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