Veterans speak about substance abuse and PTSD…in Virtual Reality

John Riley

A friend of mine named Syrmor Shiraz also know as just “Syrmor” on Youtube is a interviewer who speaks to many people online in a therapy session atmosphere. He has 1.1 million subscribers and for some reason. I see him as a unofficial therapist who actually listens and has also helped Veterans talk about their lives and what they live with which is close to me. Of course he has talked to many other people from around the world but I wanted to share some videos of Syrmor and fellow Veterans about their life, what they went through, and how life is now. I have done my best to cue up certain parts of videos to get right right to the points I wanted to share. Feel free to watch the entire videos to learn more.

These videos contain course language and content that deals with suicide (Chris refers to it as self-delete) that may not be suitable for everyone.

US Marine (Chris)

Washington Post article posted earlier this year talking about the VA trying to control the opioid problem.

Airforce Airman who goes by the name “Struggle” speaks about his experience as an AC-130 Gunner and how this job in the military almost killed him as he was ordered to be on the ready to kill others. The AC-130 is also known as the Angel of Death. for further explanation of how this role can impact mental stress read more below.

Here is the complete session Syrmor conducted with this Veteran.

Does Virtual Reality therapy work? what are the stats to back it up? Would you like to know? Below is a very informative infographic created by Bradley University.

How VR can play an innovative part in treating vets with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Bradley University

I hope that I can continue this dialog about virtual reality therapy and it’s benefits. Below is the therapy session I had with Syrmor back in 2019. I talked about my alcoholism and personality disorder that affected my life and prevented me from properly integrated back into society. I am the sharp dressed cat.

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