eTherapy is a content library featuring over 1000 guided meditations, motivational talks and inspirational music by contributing experts. Use it by itself or in combination with Journey to create a recovery plan that feels like it’s your own. Read on below to see everything you can do with eTherapy.

Survey Basics

Start a survey

There are 2 ways to start a survey – via Chat & Meet or via Journey

1. Start a survey via Chat & Meet

When you complete any pre-scheduled meeting, you’ll be prompted to start a post-meeting survey right away. Tap Next to start the survey.

[Note: the meeting timeframe is pre-determined by the original calendar event. For example, if your Provider created a 1-hour therapy session, your meeting will end at the top of the hour, and you will be prompted to start a post-meeting survey. If you leave a meeting before the scheduled end time, you will not be able to complete a survey.]

Then, follow through the next few screens to complete the survey.

2. Start a survey via Journey

Open the app and tap on the Journey icon ( ). On the next screen, tap on My Progress:

Scroll down to the Survey section of My Progress.

Tap on any available survey to start it.

Which way is better?

We suggest starting a survey as soon as you finish a meeting, so we can capture your thoughts and feelings accurately, and in real-time. However, we also provide the option for you to come back to any missed surveys. Incomplete surveys will remain available for 7 days after the meeting date. After then, the survey will expire and you won’t be able to complete it.

Completing a survey

You’ll encounter various types of survey questions depending on the nature of your meeting, like multiple choice or open text. Some questions are mandatory, while others are optional. You’ll be able to tell if you can skip a question or not by the visibility of the Next button:


Editing a survey


Viewing your results

Understanding your results

Last updated on November 13, 2020
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