Getting Started: HelpNOW

👋 Welcome to HelpNOW: a mobile app for the family & friends of those recovering from substance use disorder (SUD). We’ve created comprehensive user guides to teach you about using the app, but here is a quick summary of the basics to get you started. 

Gather your requirements

Before you start, first make sure you meet the below app requirements:

Create an account

  1. Open you HelpNOW app.

  2. Tap on “Sign Up” and enter your Phone Number and the Access Code you received from your loved one’s Care Provider:

    If you see your Care Provider’s logo appear on the next screen, that means your Access Code was accepted. Tap Continue.

  3. Follow through the remaining sign up screens to set up your profile:

Required fields: First name, Email*, Password**
Optional fields: Last Name, Profile Picture, Relationship to member

*Email must match the email you shared with your Care Provider

**Must be at least 8 characters in length and include one capital letter and a special character (i.e. !,@,#,$,%,.^,*,( ),+,=,?>,<)

Set up your profile


You might want to add a profile picture so that you can connect with other supporting members and your loved one’s care provider over meetings for a personal touch:

Once your profile is set up, you will arrive at your Home screen:


What’s next?

It might look a bit empty at first, but don’t worry – once you begin using and working with HelpNOW – like checking in on their meetings & appointments, daily goals, and journal trends – it’s going to feel a lot more valuable.

HelpNOW is directly synched to HereNOW, which uses positive reinforcement to encourage your loved one’s progress including the meetings they complete and any results of their surveys.

During their outpatient treatment period, you will be able to follow along on their progress using the app and data they have reported through HereNOW in real time. So keep checking in – in app and offline – to cheer them on from the distance.

Last updated on December 9, 2020
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